Sunday, July 12, 2020

Amazing Testimonial from Bro Shafiq

Sharing one of the most amazing testimonial i have received so far from bro Shafiq who purchased my Ibu Duit Sukarno Wealth Note + King Centipede Pearl. 

This is a classic example of what i would call an UNEXPECTED WINDFALL 

Few days after he purchased this item, he purchased another item (Minyak Pengasih) to help out with his Relationship. When i met him, i asked hows the Ibu Duit Takrut that he bought and he told me it was really good for him. After he wear it, he got news from HDB that he was one of the lucky few chosen to get Balance Flat. HDB Owners will know that the odds of getting Balance Flat itself is the same as winning TOTO. 

One of the most surprising thing was, this bro told me he had a dream of a man wearing Songkok come to him in the dream and told him to do Fasting for 3 days and he will receive "something" 

I told him i assume the man in his dream was late Sukarno (The guy on the wealth note) and he said looks almost the same.

After he did fasting for 3 days, This is the testimonial he sent me 

This bro had a super strong urge to bet on that particular game and score. Hence the reason why he bought 2 different tickets because the urge was so strong. In the end his intuition was right and he won $18,000!!

Consider his Renovation covered for his lucky new house :)