Thursday, July 23, 2020

Legendary Playboy Takrut Maha Khun Paen Extreme Maha Saneh Opposite Sex Attraction

Takrut Maha Khun Paen AKA Playboy Takrut 

Just sharing some of our testimonials for our most popular Takrut Maha Khun Paen, famously known as the legendary Playboy Takrut. The name "playboy takrut" was given by old customers who purchased it personally from AJ Ruang back while we was in Singapore. Its reputation for being known as one of the most "JALAN" Love takrut has given its reputation among our customers, hence the name until now. 

Testimonials were shared on a amulet community forum from real members who have met AJ Ruang personally before. 

Note that name of the old dealer / shop who hosted AJ Ruang is blurred out. Also note that "AJ Lak" was AJ Ruang's disciple who helped AJ Ruang tamboon his Playboy Takrut as they were taking turns to visit Singapore. All Takrut is made by AJ Ruang. 

Legal Disclaimer : As these feedback are shared openly on a widely accessible public forum and posted by individual members themselves, these testimonials does not belong to anybody and i deserve the right to share it. 

More Info

Takrut Maha Khun Paen AKA Playboy Takrut

Back then when AJ Ruang was Invited to Singapore, This Playboy takrut has been selling like hot cake because of all its fantastic reviews and testimonials that can be found all over forums and social media. To make this batch even more powerful. To further amplify its Strong Attraction Properties, we have also added 7 strand of Buluh Perindu (Love Root of Longing) inside as a extra bonus with the permission of AJ Ruang. 

A Short Summary about Yant Maha Khun Paen

- This powerful yant was first introduced by Ajahn Ruang in 2011 during his event in Singapore to provide spiritual and sakyant (tattoo) services for his followers and fans. Ajahn Ruang is an accomplished Kalawat (White Robe Master) from Thailand who is well versed in the Wiccha of Pu Lersi SermingPai. Ajahn Ruang also specializes in the magic of Phra Ngang and many other occult practices. He is very popular in Thailand for his amazing Sakyant artwork and most importantly, its power. For lucky bro and sis who have came seen AJ Ruang personally can vouch for his amazing Sakyant and high level of Wiccha. 

Yant Maha Khun Paen is an ancient wiccha of Thailand's legendary casanova - Phra Khun Paen. This closely guarded wiccha was passed down in Ajahn Ruang's lineage from his master. According to Ajahn Ruang, the spells written in this takrut and mantra is believed to be the exact same magic which Phra Khun Paen himself used to charm ladies and attract many wives and girlfriend as legend has it. The spells are so confidential that Ajahn Ruang will only Sak (Tattoo) this yant on devotee in oil to prevent other masters from trying to copy. Even if one decides to copy, the spells of this Yant Maha Khun Paen will never work without the correct consecration method and mantras which only Ajahn Ruang and his luksit knows.

Note that we are the one and only authorised seller for all AJ Ruang item. AJ Ruang do not and will not supply any of his item to any amulet dealer. Since AJ Ruang left Singapore, he did not supplied any Playboy Takrut since 2014 although there are many fakes in the market. Ours are 100% authentic with AJ Ruang signature chop. Take a look in the photo below 

A special mantra was given by Ajahn for this takrut which ends with mentioning the targeted subject's name to remotely attract the person and make the desired subject fall in love with the wearer. But Ajahn warned that one should not misuse this spell as it can cause serious inconveniences like what happened to one of our bro who came visited Ajahn Ruang to return the takrut and complaint about how his girlfriend became suicidal after he asked for break up (Im sure some of you older bros would know who he is , hehehe ;)**

As effective and powerful as this 2 in 1 takrut sounds, words cannot justify how fast the results are. One should try it to experience it. We have been selling this takrut for years and so far, we only get good reviews and some even came back to return it because it was "too powerful"

We only advice that one should not make use of it with ill intentions as this magic was taught by Ajahn Ruang only for those who have a hard time getting into a relationship or attraction the opposite sex due to some factors (not good looking enough, lack self esteem and confidence etc etc). There was one time when we attended Ajahn Ruang's Wai Kru Ceremony in Thailand, one of his disciple who was very fat and ugly, came to visit his teacher Ajahn Ruang with a very beautiful girlfriend who looks like a model. As impossible as it looks, we had a good laugh when he took off his shirt for Ajahn Ruang to bless his Sakyant when we saw him wearing Takrut Maha Khun Paen and Ajahn Ruang just smiled.

This takrut will wearer appear extremely attractive and charming, making him irresistible in the eyes of any female.