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Monday, July 13, 2020

Casino Winstreak (Centipede Pearl Testimonial) From Sister P

Sharing another wonderful testimonial today from one of my most steady supporter and very friendly sis. 

Even Before getting my Geliga Lipan, this sis is already a Casino Punter. As she is semi-retired and have nothing much to do. 

After finding out about Geliga Lipan from a friend, she decided to look for it and chance upon my post. She contacted me and decided to give it a try. I asked her what she wanted to use the pearl for and she told me that she frequent Casino only gamble for fun within her means to past time. She told me she loves playing computer Poker!

After 1 week she sent me some testimonials, her winnings over few days close to $50,000! 

Won $14,405

WON 12,000!

Lastly, her biggest HUAT, WON $20k!!

HUAT!! I am very happy for you sis. Congrats 

Like i always tell my Customers, Gambling or Punting should not be taken seriously. Gambling should only be a done for fun if you have some spare disposable cash and if you are feeling lucky, do it within your means!

Gambling should not be taken as an "Investment" like what most gambling addicts would think. More often then not, most of the "Serious Gamblers" that i know of who think that they can gamble their way to prosperity are usually close to bankrupt, heavily in debt or on the loosing side and still hoping for a miracle to "win back their losses" 

There is a old saying - "Nobody become rich through gambling" unless you are lucky enough to strike TOTO. Only Hardwork and dedication brings success.

When you want to buy a new house or car, the bank will ask for your income tax or salary. Not your past winning from 4D or Casino as proof you can pay them back.