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 LEGENDARY 7 ASURA TAKRUT (Phra ASURA) Believed for Wealth Fetching,Sudden Windfall, Fortune, Wishes & Desire Fulfillment - Legendary ASURA Takrut original Batch By AJ RUANG #Amulet Mustika Khodam Phra Pirab Amulet LP Luck Wish Asura Deva

Introducing the Legendary Asura Takrut

FIRST ORIGINAL BATCH by AJ Ruang. For those who have been following the amulet community long enough, knows that the first and original Asura Takrut was made and consecrated by AJ Ruang back in 2013, subsequently there were remakes of it.

Yes, this is the ORIGINAL ASURA TAKRUT by AJ Ruang, the first ever created. The batch that had received many good positive feedbacks and the same batch that has helped many with wealth, improved business, career advancement and overall improvements in their life. Beware of fake remakes.

This extremely special and unique takrut is the brainchild of AJ Ruang as it contains the names of 7 Legendary & Most Powerful Asuras in Hindu and Thai mythology.

In Hinduism and Buddhism, there are Devas and Asuras. Asuras are beings who compete for power and oppose the Devas. Asuras are often depicted as demonic beings that are very powerful and intelligent.

Unlike Devas, Asuras are very proud, arrogant and extremely materialistic. Despite that, they also have their fair share of good qualities as well as Asuras are also servants of God and are fierce forms of certain powerful deities as well.

There are many legendary Asuras in Hindu & Buddhist Text who are highly respected and worshiped such as Ravana, King Banasura, Lord Veerbadhra, Phra Toksakan and many more. Despite their “title” as an asura, they are highly respected as a deity as well.

This takrut according to AJ Ruang captures the essence and energy of 7 of the most powerful and highest ranking Asura.

This takrut consists of a pure copper plate with the inscription of the Main & Leader of the Asura (name will be shared when dealing) alongside with 2 of his right and left hand Asura. The rest of the Asuras are written in mantras and scriptures.

A cloth containing the main Asura along with various Khom Akarat mantras were also written to wrap around the copper yant.

These 7 Asuras are without doubt more powerful and mighty then most devas, deities, lersi and even spirit such as Kumantong, Lukok, Phra ngan etc.

This takrut is believed to bestow all manner of magical and spiritual qualities to the keeper. You only have to think of what effect you want and it is believed to have the effects materialize.

Since AJ Ruang released this takrut, there are many stories of people who got their wish granted, receiving unexpected windfalls and having their life improved tremendously. Like mentioned, the characteristic of Asuras are materialism and arrogance hence they wont hesitate to show their abilities and are known to bestow great wealth to the keeper just to show how powerful they are.

There are many benefits and magical properties that this takrut is believed to bestow simply by carrying it and wearing it daily.

This takrut is imbued with 20 different holy ingredients added. Each ingredients is believed to bestow the wearer with different propertes such as wealth attraction, protection and many more to be named.

AJ Ruang also mentioned that this takrut works as the ultimate barang supercharger. You just need to place this takrut near your barang, khodam, jinn, lersi etc to charge them with immense power so that you never have to bless them again. With this powerful takrut, all spirit and soul item amulets are kept “fed and satisfied” so you can do away with elaborate offerings.

A special blessing (phook sek) ceremony was done by AJ Ruang consecutively for 71 days (refer to 3rd pic) to empower this takrut where he invited the most powerful Asura Toksakan to get his blessings and permission to personally energise each and every takrut.

Note that this takrut is 100% Pure Mainstream. No barang / occult ingredients were used. The 20 holy ingredients added inside are needed to strongly empower and invite the 7 Mighty Asura Inside.

This Takrut require no special worship or care other then your sincerity. It is advisable to have realistic expectations and earn your blessing instead of “demanding” it as Asuras as no casual deities and they will only bless those who are worthy of it.

A special mantra will be taught upon purchase to call upon the asura when in need, to request for help or wishes.

Note that this takrut is 100% Authentic by AJ Ruang, the first and original maker of Asura Takrut. Beware of fake remakes and gimmicks from charlatans.

*note that we show the actual yants / writings in the takrut. We do not shy away from showing it claiming it’s “secret” although partial of the yants are blacked out to prevent copycats. We let our customers know what the takrut consists of as such takrut can easily be faked*

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