Monday, January 23, 2023

3in1 Powerful MAHA Kavacacham (Wealth Protection Attraction)

❗3in1 POWERFUL MAHA KAVACHAM WEALTH + ATTRACTION + PROTECTION ( Phra Pirab Kavach + KUBERAN KAVACH + KAMDEVA KAVACHI ) TAKRUT with Special Powerful Oil & Holy Ingredients - TAKRUT Amulet Stone Wealth Pusaka Mustika Batu Khodam Dukun

 Dear Brothers & Sisters, We are proud to present to you for the first time ever, a very powerful TAKRUT that is known to ATTRACT WEALTH, FORTUNE, PROSPERITY, Protect The Wearer from Bad Luck / Misfortune and Bestow Great Attraction & Charm.

This Powerful Kavach Takrut has 3 Main Deities/Powers. Kavach means “ARMOR”. It consists of Kaal Bhairav Kavach, Kuberan Kavach and Kamadeva Kavach. The YANTRA itself is made by AJ Ruang. The empowering ceremony was done by AJ Ruang along with a very renowned HINDU PRIEST from Supanburi Province named Gurukal who further empowers it using Vedic Method and added his own holy ingredients.

Special Yantra made from real COPPER Plate drawn and blessed by AJ Ruang with the Yantra of PHRA PIRAB (Kaal Bhairav), KUBERA (Taowesuan) & KAMADEVA God of Love.

Special Vibuthi Holy Powder from Kaal Bhairav Mandir, Varanasi Temple in India, holy ashes from Kaal Bhairav Feet Idol and Temple Soil. Kept and blessed for more than 5 years in his temple.

Special Mystik Hitam Empowerment Oil from my Indonesian Guru which my guru has kept for more than 20 years. This special oil is used for empowerment rituals to invite certain energy/doa/prayer and empowerment of Mustika/Pusaka/Spirit/Barang items, to attract whatever it is required including Wealth & Fortune extremely fast.

We can confidently say that this particular takrut is the first of its kind ever being sold here. We can safely vouch that you can never find this same takrut elsewhere on the internet as it is made by 3 different guru who coordinated and worked together over a period of 2 years.

Kavach meaning Holy Shield. We will explain the meaning and significance of why the term “Kavach” is used.

Is believed to bestow great protection towards its wearer. Is the most fearsome and most powerful form of LORD SHIVA. Kaal Bhairav is the god of TIME and god of DEATH. Hindus normally worship Lord Bhairav when their times are bad or when they are facing alot of problems with their life. Death signifies the end of all problems, issues and suffering. It is said that worshipping Lord Bhairav, one will be impervious from the influence of Astrology (9 planets), Ba Zi, Karma etc because Bhairav is the Lord of Time and when worshipped sincerely, he is said to remove all bad karma, bad luck, sins and misfortune from the wearer’s life. Kaal Bhairav being the most powerful form of Lord Shiva, is far superior any other deities including ASURAS, Devas and any kind of entities/khodam/jinns that you can think of. Even the most powerful Jinns/Khodam or Asuras will bow to Lord Bhairav. Hence it is believed that one will never be affected by any kind of black magic, spiritual harm, backfire, evil eyes etc when wearing this takrut.

This is also believed to turn one’s luck from bad to good, erase bad karmic debts to smoothen ones life and remove suffering/obstacles in ones life due to bad karma and make the wearer’s luck from bad to good if time is bad.

Lord Kuberan or Taowesuan is the Hindu God of Wealth and Riches. He is incharge of all of Maha Lakshmi’s Fortune (Like a CFO) and Mata Lakshmi gave Lord Kuberan the boon of being to bestow her infinite amount of wealth to anyone he please. This Kavach is meant to safeguard one’s wealth, luck, fortune and position in life. When a person’s luck is down, they may often face unnecessary expenses or losses. When a person is affected by negative energy or evil eye especially when they are rich and successful, it could also affect their luck and if left untreated, may lead to their downfall. The main purpose of this Kavach is to protect the wearer’s WEALTH LUCK and ensure that the wearer does not get affected by any kind of BLACK MAGIC that are specifically meant to affect his income or any form of evil eyes or jealousy that could channel negative energy to them. At the same time, this KAVACH is also believed to bestow great wealth to the wearer, luck, fortune and popularity. It is known to attract wealth from 7 directions. It may come through Unexpected Windfall, Investments, Business, Opportunities and Good People. This Kavach may also protect the wearer from XIAO REN/JEALOUS small people who wish to do harm to their career and business. This Kavach makes it in such a way that whatever a xiao ren try to sabotage you with, it will end up going back to them even worst as this offends Lord Kuberan.

Kamadeva is known as the GOD OF AFFECTION & LOVE. In Thai, he is akin to PAETCH PAYATORN. This is known to bestow the wearer with ATTRACTION, POPULARITY, LOVING KINDNESS, POWERFUL ENCHANTING PRESENCE, STRONG OPPOSITE SEX ATTRACTION, MAGNETISM, Create a Long Lasting and Unforgetable experience towards others, Possess a high level  of aura and Be well liked by everyone. This in turn increases one’s level of popularity and fame, easily gain favours and sympathy from others and be able to make even your enemies become your allies. Being a KAVACH, This Takrut is believed to protect the wearer from enemies, people with ill intentions, jealousy and xiao rens. It is also said to protect the wearer’s love life, fame and popularity from being sabotaged, being framed or get disharmony. Often times when a person performs black magic onto another party, they would target their love life and charm, making it in such a way that whoever looks at the target, they will hate him/her for no reason. This takrut ensures that one will not be affected by such things.

This special Takrut can be practically used for anything. When placed near your Amulets, Barang, Spiritual Item , Amulets/Talismans, Crystals or Mustika Item, it will automatically recharge-empower it to the fullest potential.

This takrut can also be soaked into a glass of water and use to cleanse negative energies from jewelleries, gold, silver and gemstones by washing it.

This Takrut can also be soaked in a pail of water (with flowers, salt etc) to empower and charge them and be showered to remove negative energies (Buang Suay) from your body. This could also help promote one’s chi energy flow with the purpose o revitalizing and generating positive energy from all directions.

The Takrut can be placed into a glass of water, with a specific mantra recited and then use that water to wash the face. This can be done before going for an important meeting, meeting a love one etc. The same method can also be used (consumed) if a person is feeling unwell, disturbed, emotionally down etc.

More can be said. But one should try it yourself. We can guarantee you will feel the energy.

Our reviews, testimonials and reputation have never left any room for doubt especially when it comes to the power and authenticity of the item we sell.

If you are into spiritual practice, spiritual cultivation, meditation, controlling/summoning/exorcise spirits or entities, this is a MUST HAVE as it is said to increase your spiritual cultivation and capabilities.

3 Years Ago we was selling this and we stopped for very long because someone bought it from us and went around performing exorcism with it. He told me that its extremely powerful for chasing away negative entities. I told this to AJ Ruang and the Hindu master, they were so pissed off immediately told me to stop selling it that time. This is because they are misusing the takrut to make profit while helping those who are in trouble. After a period of time, i finally convinced them that such thing will not happen again. Therefor, PLEASE USE IT FOR YOUR OWN PURPOSE TO IMPROVE YOUR LIFE ONLY. DO NOT USE IT TO DO THINGS AND MAKE MONEY OUT OF IT, UNLESS SOMEONE VERY CLOSE TO YOU IN SPIRITUAL TROUBLE. As funny as this story sound, it is indeed true.

Once sold out, will never come back for at least 2 years.

From the way it is made to the ingredients, not to mention the Time and effort required, it could easily be worth $300+. We price it at $188 reasonably for our supporters and customers to reap the benefits.