Friday, September 6, 2019


Added with Geliga Ibu Ular - White Cobra Pearl 

Naga Emas Talisman with White Cobra Pearl - Geliga Ibu Ular and Cobra Skin Skin. Only a limited piece were made. This Takrut is specially known to bestow Wealth Luck, Gambling Luck, Great Fortune, Money Boosting & Attracting Unexpected Windfall.

The Cobra skin itself is empowered using the ilmu of Naga Deva, in Javanese legend - Naga Khodams are serpent like celestial beings that protects the worldly treasures in the Naga Realm or Nagaloka, similar to the Hindu and Buddhism beliefs. Naga Devas are often worshiped to obtain wealth and success with material gains. The skin itself is considered as a auspicious material. Just like how a naga swallows it’s prey whole, it signifies that the wearer will always be able to receive full potential of luck and wealth as much as one can gain. Likewise, grab into opportunities and wealth without letting go easily.

The power of this Takrut mainly comes from the White Cobra Pearls, a mysterious fossilized stone that can be found in the Cobra snake, typically in the hood but for this stone, unlike the Black Stone from the head, is found within the body that grows on the bone near its spur. In Thai spiritual, the Boa Spur itself is known to be extremely lucky for wealth and business. However, this Stone is even more rare and more popular among the Indonesian Mustika community and most renowned for bringing immense luck, wealth and fortune to its owner especially in terms of business, risk taking and trading .

Cobra Pearls are exceptionally prized commodities in many cultures especially among businessmen and punters. In the Mustika world, these stones are known to bestow its wearer with a vast number of benefits spiritually, mentally and physically. This stone is among one of the most powerful Mustika stone in Indonesia known for its diverse use and intriguing belief of the power it can bestow especially in terms of wealth, success and progression. It is believed to be very lucky for business, trading and people who are seeking to be in a high level of authority or power like politician or climb up the ranks in government service, corporate and career.
Here are the magical believes and benefits as follows

☆ GREAT WEALTH, LUCK & STABILITY - Naga Mani is known throughout ages in Tantra to bring immense luck, wealth, financial stability, material comfort and success with whatever the owner desired within their karmic fate. It helps to unleash its full potential to make luck and good opportunities materialize and attract opportunities to become more successful. ☆ WINDFALL LUCK / SIDE WEALTH / 赌博 GAMBLING LUCK - Naga Mani is also believed to attract the hidden wealth and treasure of the Naga Loka realm, which translates to material gain, monetary gain, receiving unexpected windfall and sudden wealth in the owner’s life. This takrut in general, bestows strong gambling and windfall luck to its owner. ☆ Wealth Attraction, Business & Career Luck - Naga Mani also brings luck, success and wealth stability and attracts money making opportunities in business or sales as the snake is a fast-moving creature and its belief that those who own it will also progress and climb higher in life/career faster and grab onto any opportunities easily. ☆ High Level it Influence & Authority - Naga Mani is believed to bestow it’s the owner with a strong aura of authority and blessed with always being In a position of authority. One of the most intriguing facts of Naga Mani is that it is highly feared by cobras and other animals. One of the known ways to test a cobra pearl is to actually bring it close to another cobra or animal and it will back away. Likewise, those who carry this will be highly respected by people and feared by enemies. ☆POSITIVE AURA, CHARM, IMPROVE APPEARANCE and SIXTH SENSE - Cobra Pearl also bestows its wearer with spiritual awakening meaning having the ability to predict outcomes of certain event, be able to read someone else's taught and feelings and influence the mind of others. Cobra Pearl is known to make its wearer have better control of their emotions and be able to make good decisions as well as accurate intuition. ☆ PROTECTION & SAFETY NAGA Mani is also believed to protect its wearer from spirit, jinns, evil entities, and black magic. Its strong aura will deflect negative energies and bad vibes and making sure that your auric field is always positive and dispel evil influences. , making sure that your aura is always positive at its best. Geliga Lipan is also believed to scare away spirits as well as to ward off venomous insects or animals Overall Benefits & Qualities • Greatly boost your luck • Attracts Wealth & Fortune • Boost your instinct • Attracts side wealth & Unexpected Windfall • Business / Sales Luck • Brings fame and popularity • Success with any risky investment/betting/ trading • Be able to make the right decisions and overcome problems • Promotes mental clarity and sharp mind • Strong sixth sense and intuition • Enhance your positive energy and aura • Dispel negative energies and bad luck • Protection from evil spirits, Jinns, and black magic. many more.. Comes with ready made casing and will personally deliver to you