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Monday, April 19, 2021

Hardcore Wealth Takrut 5 Legendary Mustika Pearls / 5 Wealth Blessings (Wu Tu) Known as 5 Poisons - Extremely Powerful Believed to bestow blessings in all aspect.

Hardcore Wealth Takrut 5 Legendary Mustika Pearls / 5 Wealth Blessings (Wu Tu) Known as 5 Poisons 

Extremely Powerful Believed to bestow blessings in all aspects.


By now most people in the spiritual community have known about Geliga Lipan and various Mustika Pearls. Many of my customers also had great experience with my pearls, especially Centipede Pearls, which are lready shown / known to be highly effective for Wealth & Luck Fetching, Attracting Unexpected Windfall & Attraction.


This takrut is unique and powerful in a sense that it consists of 5 different types of Mustika Pearls. These 5 Mystic Pearls combined are without a doubt believed to be the MOST POWERFUL Pearls in the Indonesian shamanic community. Some are very rare, some are hard to obtain. 


In Taoist Occult, This is simply known as the 5 Poisons or "Wu Tu" , believed to be extremely powerful when creating charms, talismans and consecrating of warrior effigies. 


The 5 Mystic Pearls are :

1. Geliga Lipan Bara (Fiery Red Centipede Pearl)

2. Geliga Ibu Ular (Cobra Pearl)

3. Geliga Semut Bara (Fire Ant Pearl)

4. Geliga Pelanduk (Hornet Pearl)

5. Geliga Kala Jengking (Scorpion Pearl)


Significance : The 5 Pearls signifies 5 Poisonous Creatures which also symbolizes the 5 Types of Power / Blessings. In Taoist Practice, "Wu Tu" 5 Poisonous Live Creatures are often used to create charms. During olden days, "Wu Tu" is often placed inside effigies / statue of Gods or Deities as it not only signifies supreme life force and soul but also the 5 Different Blessings from 5 Directions. Charms that contains Wu Tu is believed to be highly effective and powerful, known to deliver fast effects.

Similarly, the same can be incorporated with Mustika Pearls. Each Pearls have its own unique qualities and beliefs. When placed 5 together, they are the most powerful combo.

Video above demonstrating the strong energies of all the 5 pearls combined as demonstrated by my guru during empowerment. The 5 pearls were wrapped inside a special white paper talisman (with mantras written) and chanted. As you can see in the video, it caught fire. This is known as Ilmu Banaspati in Indonesia where dukuns would cultivate their energy onto an object and when it gets too strong, it catches fire.

The properties that each Pearls/stones is believed to bestow its owner as follows.. 1) Geliga Lipan Bara Believed to bestow extreme luck, wealth, fortune, unexpected windfall, sixth sense, increase intuition, and protection. Amazing Testimonials can be seen for my Geliga Lipan in the link below 2) Cobra Pearl (Geliga Ular) Believed to bestow its owner with immense luck, wealth fetching, luck with business & sales, power of authority, spiritual awakening, protection & many more.. 3) Hornet Pearl Believed to bestow it’s wearer with strong protection against negative energies, black magic, evil eyes, “Xiao Ren” and believed to bestow great authority and command respect from people around 4) Geliga Kala Jengking (Scorpion Pearl) Believed to bestow it’s wearer with immense wealth luck, strong charisma, authority, benefactors luck (Kui Ren) , be admired and easily get help from people around, business / sales luck and career progression 5) Geliga Semut (Ant Pearl) Believed to bestow strong luck with trading, investments, sales, benefactor luck, attract unexpected windfall and it is also said that when you are in trouble, people will come and help you out of no where. Many more. Along with the 5 Pearls, various type of Charm & Attraction ingredients were added as well which are believed to bestow it’s wearer with Attraction & Charm, apart from just luck. - Buluh Perindu Love Root believed for strong attraction, magnetism and charisma. - Akar Cenuai Emas (King of Charm Root) believed for Strong Charm, Love Attraction - Mani Gajah Fossil - Believed to bestow dominance (alpha male) , authority, respect and strong sexual attraction - Small drop of Air Mata Duyong Magical Mermaid Tears believed to bring mesmerising charm and affection. As advised by my Dukun, this is something very unique but it’s not the first time as each of the pearls alone are rather difficult to source. Each and every Pearls have already been blessed “isi” the same way all my items are blessed. Each Pearls comes with their own Guardian / Natural Khodam Inside. As my Minyak Pengasih (Attraction Oil) contains many rare and powerful charm ingredients, this takrut made from various Mustika Pearls is similar. This combination of mystic pearls is without any doubt more powerful than any other Pearls / Mustika according to Indonesian Beliefs. This Takrut is believed to bestow all Manners of Magical and Spiritual qualities to the Wearer. Other ingredients used include, Holy and Auspicious Herbs, Powders and Roots, Each are powerful in its own unique sense. This Takrut is suitable for anyone without any restrictions at all. Regardless of Ba Zi , Religion etc. In fact, This takrut is known to be beneficial for people who lack certain elements as it consists of all 5 elements. Just by wearing this takrut, it is strongly believed to bestow it’s wearer with.. - Fulfillment of All Manners of desires, achieve goals faster, climb up higher in life more quickly - Ensure Smooth Sailing in Life, Career and Social Climbing up the Corporate Ladder - Protected from Evil Eyes, Xiaoren and Those who are Jealous of you by removing the negative thoughts and actions of this people and rebounding it back to them - Remove Obstacles and Problems in Life, Change your Aura and Auric Field to a Strong, Determined and Confident Many Customers reported that they felt more confident, aggressive and had more enthusiasm for life and to face their challenges and easily overcame them after inviting some of my Pearls. Besides just the many windfall testimonials I get. Very Rare. Not always will have. *Pearl may look different from the one in the picture. As we know, not all the same mustika pearl look the same. It may vary. Most importantly the power :) 





Monday, December 13, 2021

Testimonials of Hardcore Wealth Takrut 5 Mustika Pearl + Ibu Duit Holy Wealth Note

Windfall Testimonials for Hardcore Weath Takrut 5 Mustika Pearl + Ibu Duit Holy Wealth Note

Testimonials shared is merely to demonstrate the positive changes in terms of luck and wealth that my customers experienced. Even though they are mostly windfall related, I do not claim that it's a miracle item nor do I encourage gambling. It's the individual's choice how they want to utilise their luck.  Note: Testimonials are in random order. Not newest to oldest or vice versa. 

Hardcore Wealth & Money Attraction Takrut (Ibu Duit Wealth Note + 5 Legendary Mustika “wu tu”) Extreme Wealth & Luck Takrut

Hardcore Wealth & Money Attraction Takrut (Ibu Duit Wealth Note + 5 Legendary Mustika “wu tu”) Extreme Wealth & Luck Takrut

TESTIMONIAL Review Screenshot from our Carousell Profile from a client! Manage to earn big commission and hit sales target!!

Another awesome FRIST PRIZE Testimonial from Bro J after inviting this takrut. This bro have shared many testimonials before but he very "pantang" to show how much he bought for some reason :P Still FIRST PRIZE is a FIRST PRIZE!! Nice Watch BTW!

Sharing another AMAZING TESTIMONIAL From a bro who strike $7000 (Private TOTO) After inviting this special Takrut. Congrats to you buddy. I believe this is not his first windfall and testimonial with us :)

Sharing amazing feedback from a bro who invited this 5 Mustika Pearl (Wu Tu) Takrut. Won $200K+ from Casino. This is by far one of the biggest Windfall Testimonials we have ever received. Pictures dont lie :)

Congrats brother! Glad to see that you really love this takrut and even bought a $20,000 chain for it. Next change the casing to gold casing :)

Another AMAZING WINDFALL TESTIMONIALS STRIKE $138,000 (Private 4D). For those who know, will know. Look at the strike report on the web! Congrats brother more windfall to come!! This bro even sent me angbao. Thank you!

Testimonial from a friendly bro who strike $55k after inviting this special Wu Tu Takrut. Bought private, so paid in CASH. $1000 notes like a boss :D Congrats brother!

Another humble testimonial screenshot from our Carousell profile, given by a steady customer of ours who won private TOTO and 4D around $80k. Congrats to you buddy!

Nice testimonial from a steady supporter of ours. Same day invite this takrut when we first release, same day strike $2275 private TOTO. Congrats bro!

Awesome testimonial from our regular customer of ours. Casino luck of wealth this customer every time! Huat Ah!

Nice Testimonial given by bro Chris, screenshotted from our Carousel profile review. Won THIRD PRIZE DIRECT. Happy for you!

Another happy 3rd PRIZE Testimonial. Our bro also claims that his aura changing and becoming more positive. Congrats bro!

Another HUAT ZAI Testimonial from bro D. When you see Singapore Pool's Cheque, you know is strike big amount liao hehe. Congrats!

Another happy testimonial from one of our regular Bro D. Congrats to you!

Huat Huat! Another amazing testimonial. Won $35,000 from private TOTO after inviting our Wealth Takrut with 5 Legendary Mustika Pearl. Congrats!

Recent HUAT ZAI Testimonial from a bro who won $50,600 from private betting after inviting our Wealth Takrut. Congrats and happy for you!

Testimonial from a bro who won $250 from 4D and 3000+ on online casino after inviting our Hardcore Wealth Takrut 5 Mustika Pearl. Happy for you!

Testimonial from a friendly bro who invited our 5 Mustika Wealth Takrut, Won more than 12,000+ online casino the same night itself. HUAT ZAI!!

Huat Zai Testimonial strike 2nd Prize Magnum. Testimonial from a friendly sis!

Testimonial from a regular supporter and nice SIS of ours after winning Casino. Congrats sis!

Here are more (related) testimonials from our customers

Congrats to a steady customer. Won 1st Prize $5000! After Inviting my Centipede Pearl. Congrats Brother! More To Come! Huat Huat!!

HUAT Testimonial! Man-City Game won $9450 from $50 bet! Strong Sixth Sense + Luck from Centipede Pearl! HUAT!! Anyhow buy also can win such a huge windfall. Congrats man!

Recent Testimonial from a friendly bro who invited Geliga Lipan, strike FIRST PRIZE $7000 Straight. Congrats to you buddy!

Another testimonial from Sister P. Won $14,405 at CASINO after inviting Geliga Lipan!

HUAT AH! TOTO GROUP 2 ( Strike $100K++) Testimonial from a very nice and humble lady who got my Centipede Pearl some time back. Won small small here and there and seen great improvements with her Career every since. Recently bought Hongbao Draw Quick Pick and STRIKE GROUP 2! She also mention she placed my Centipede Pearl together with her TOTO Ticket :D.  Unbelievable! Very happy for you sis! Congrats!!

Super Ho Say testimonial from a steady bro who invite King Centipede Pearl + 5 Mustika Pearl Hardcore Wealth Takrut. Won a huge “windfall” but bro didn’t share where it came from :p probably pvt 4D or casino. Congrats!

Huat Zai Testimonial from a bro who invite King Centipede Pearl + Ibu Duit Wealth Takrut. Congrats man!

Testimonial from a friendly bro. Won 200k++ after inviting 5 Mustika Wealth Takrut (Has Centipede Pearl Inside). Congrats on your amazing windfall!

FIRST PRIZE DIRECT STRIKE! Testimonial from a steady customer. Same day invited King Centipede Pearl + Asura Takrut, same day get unexpected windfall. Congrats to you buddy!

$50 Big Consolation Windfall testimonial from a steady bro. Lucky consolation, if first prize i think this bro sure become crazy! Congrats!

Testimonial from bro Shaun must have strike a big windfall after inviting Wu Tu with Holy Wealth Note Takrut. Huat bro!!!

Testimonial from Bro Rakesh after inviting our King Centipede Pearl with Holy Wealth Note Takrut Combo. HUAT ZAI!!!!

Testimonial from a friendly bro won FIRST PRIZE BIG WIN $30 BIG after inviting our King Centipede Pearl. Really lucky and happy for you!! HUAT!!

Review given by a friendly bro on Carousell :) Huat!

Huat Zai Testimonial from a friendly bro who invited our Ibu Duit Takrut with King Centipede Pearl!

Carousell Review shared by a humble bro who won private TOTO after inviting our King Centipede Pearl + 5 pearl Wealth Note Takrut. HUAT!!!

Another Happy Testimonial, won $55,000 private 4D after inviting our 5 Legendary Pearl (Wu Tu) including King Centipede Pearl Takrut. Huat!!

Mini windfall for our friendly sis after going Casino with our Ibu Duit + 5 Legendary Pearl Takrut Including King Centipede Pearl. Huat!!!

Amazing windfall!! WON $138,000!!! Private 4D. Look at the screenshot. People will know its legit (for those who know hehe) Huat Zai!!

Awesome Consolation Strike with $50 Big. Huat bro! Thanks for sharing your review with us. Congrats to you!

Huat Zai Testimonial from a bro who won starter. More bigger wins coming for you!

Another awesome Testimonial from a friendly customer who strike 3rd prize after inviting my Geliga lipan Huat Huat!! Congrats man!

Another recent testimonial from a friendly sis strike 2nd prize DIRECT, luck improve and receive unexpected windfall inciting my Centipede Pearl. Huat!! Congrats to you!!

Testimonial from Bro G. Strike $10,000 First Prize Direct $2 big $2 small, same week after inviting my Centipede Pearl. Super Huat Windfall! Congrats!
Huat!! Won nearly $100K At Casino after inviting my Centipede Pearl! Congrats bro! 

Testimonial from a bro won $1226 from $30 jackpot / slot app. Huat Huat ! Unexpected windfall!

Strike $5200 Testimonial from Sister Gem. Huat Huat!! Thanks for sharing the joy with us. Happy for you!! Power of Centipede Pearl + Ibu Duit

Testimonial from a friendly regular sis customer of mine (Sister P) After inviting Geliga Lipan, went casino play digital roulette won 20k.

Testimonial from a bro who bought Geliga Lipan + Holy Wealth Note. This bro told me after getting, few days later he was chosen for balance flat. One out of 80+ people. Then he dreamt of a guy wearing songkok (Probably late Sukarno) asking him to fast for 3 days and he will receive something. After doing so, he got strong urge to be on one particular game. He even bet 2x time because the urge was so strong. In the end won $18,000. Really Huat!!

Testimonial from bro Fir. One of my most solid customer. Same night bought my Geliga Lipan went casino win $11,000K. Even gave me $600 Ang Bao which I did makan makan at temple on his behalf :) Congrats buddy!
This bro never strike 4D before in his life. After getting my King Centipede Pearl buy straight, strike FIRST PRIZE win $5000. Congrats to you my friend!

Testimonial from a steady bro. Strike STARTER (private) won $5000 just few day after inciting my Centipede Pearl. Congrats!

Testimonial from a friendly bro who won CASINO SLOT. Won $4000+ the same night he invited my Wealth Takrut with Ibu Duit + Centipede Pearl. Congrats to you brother!

Small Small win, strike $1000. Pearl cost covered, still got kopi money! Congrats man!

Huat Huat First Prize Testimonial from a sis after inviting my Centipede Pearl. Won $5000! $1 big $1 small system. Huat!! More will come!

One of the best testimonials I received. Not win 4D, not win Casino, but huge success in career. This is my loyal customer support me a few items, one of it was the Centipede Pearl and Bulu Perindu Oil. This bro last year met me was driving Toyota. He's working as a financial consultation and does forex trading for clients. Since he got my items, his sales and client base went off the charts. Closing more deals, getting more referrals, more clients come and look for him... one year later fast forward, driving one BMW Z4 and bought his first AP (at least $20k). Very happy for you bro!! This is a result of LUCK + PURE HARD WORK!! Huat!!

2x 1ST PRIZE Testimonial. Won More than $10,000. Funny thing is this bro after buying my pearl even told me to buy this number, which i strike too but only won $2000 myself. This bro scolded me because he told me to buy at least $2 big $2 small haha! 
Huat!! Testimonial FIRST PRIZE Won $5000 from a friendly bro same week after getting my King Centipede Pearl. Congrats man! 

Testimonial from a bro who bought my Geliga Lipan ring. Increased intuition during his Casino gambling session. Bought 2k capital walk hom with $28k. Congrats to you bro.
Testimonial from a couple! First time in their life share share buy 4D strike starter!! Not bad for a first time windfall!

Testimonial from a friendly sis who invited my Centipede Pearl + Sukarno Wealth Note strike 4D (Private) won $21k++. Huat huat!!
Testimonial from a bro! One draw strike 3 x lol! 3rd prize + starter + console. Huat huat!!!

Testimonial from a bro on new year day strike starter win $250. Even small win, still a good start of the new year! First day 2020 strike = whole year sure Huat!!

Huat!! Another feedback from a solid bro whom I just met. Bought my Centipede Pearl, within 2 hour play slot and won 2x jackpot prize. Won $2000+ , even tho small won, can see his luck boost Liao. Investment easily covered!

Customer strike TOTO after inviting my King Centipede Pearl, won few thousand. First time in his life. Huat huat!!!
Lucky bro won $27,000 at Casino from $2k capital using my Geliga Lipan. Congrats brother! Really happy for you!

Testimonial from a bro won Jackpot $97k from Slot machine after inviting Centipede Peral + Ibu Duit Takrut Ultimate wealth combo. Huat!!
Testimonial from a gentleman and wife (sis Mona) who strike $120,000 after inviting my Wealth Takrut. Huat Zai to the max!!

Testimonial from a steady sis! Strike 1st prize first time in her life after inviting my King Centipede Pearl together with Lucky Wealth Note Takrut. Huat!! This is call LUCK. First prize not easy to strike. If strike means that's call Heng!
Testimonial from a bro who went on a 4D win streak. Even tho small small win, still every draw strike $250-$300+! Total won almost $2k!

Testimonial from a friendly bro who got from me Geliga Lipan + Holy Wealth Note Takrut went casino won $4550 same night itself. Nice nice congrats to you!
Huat Huat!! Lucky bro strike starter but small small win $750. Luck improving as he never strike 4D before getting my Centipede Pearl. Huat Zai!

Huat! Awesome win from a friendly bro who strike $700 starter. Today win again $10 bet win $1000. Zhun feeling = profit!! Huat ah!!
Testimonial from my regular customer and steady supporter. Won slot online gambling a lot and won more than $8000 on trading platform in few days after inviting my centipede pearl. Can see his luck really boost up!

Huat!! Testimonial from a regular of mine intro his boss buy my Centipede Pearl, same day buy same day strike $700+ direct starter. Congrats man :D
Lucky bro won $500 straight. From a $9 investment. Next day after getting my Centipede Pearl + Ibu Duit Takrut. Huat!!

Testimonial from a bro who is a currency Forex Trader. Made profit $4700++  In few days!

Direct starter win from a customer of mine. Even its a small win, still better then nothing! More luck coming soon dont worry! 

Testimonial from a bro who strike $70,000 Private Toto. Website screenshot is there, those who know will know its legit ;) strike 4 Numbers Direct no Roll. This is what i call SUPER HUAT!!
Testimonial from a bro who won 3rd Prize win $1500. Congrats man! Wish you strike more to come :) 

Strike $20,000!Testimonial from a bro who bought my centipede pearl, previously was in debt of more than 7k to his bookies. Took a leap of faith bought a few number $5 and open first prize. Really luck and happy for you bro!! Don't forget do some charity!
This bro accidently buy the same number 3 times because he forgetful. End up all 3 number strike 2nd prize, won $4000! This one really champion! or LUCKY! 

Strike $20K Cash, Pvt 4D! 
Testimonial from a lovely couple who runs a pet shop. Bought this pearl to improve their business, Delivered 2 set of Centipede Pearl to them, had a good chat, 1 week later both share buy 4d for fun and strike 2nd prize together $6000! Solid lah! HUAT!!

Strike $7000! Collect Cheque :P
Strike 3rd Prize Direct Won $6000! Congrats buddy. Testimonial from a uncle customer of mine who long time never strike 4D. Finally receive some decent windfall!

Huat!! First Prize $5000 Won
Congrats! Strike starter win $250!

Testimonial from a friendly sis. Did not post the full text screenshot as cant see the pearl clearly, Won $15000 Slot Machine Congrats!
Testimonial from a maid customer of mine. Sunday meet her, bought the pearl same day went casino won 400++ Remember they got no lavy to pay :P So its pure profit!

Strike $250 Starter! Congrats! Small small win but theres a saying we all gotta start somewhere. More to come soon! 

Testimonial from the same maid customer of mine who won 400+ casino the day before, next day strike FIRST PRIZE for the first time but she dunno how to buy and play ibet. Still, goes to show her luck is already improving!

Testimonial from a customer of mine. Won more than $250k in cash from Casino!! Congrats man! 
Strike $2000 First Prize. Congrats bro! Direct win, no system or ibet. This is what i call LUCK! 

Huat! Strike $15000 Direct 2nd Prize!! Congrats!!

Huat! Strike $4000 Direct First Prize! Testimonial from a cool bro!

Huat! Strike $5000 Direct second prize!!
Huat Huat! First Prize! Congrats!!

Won TOTO 4+1 win $2000+. CONGRATS!
2nd Prize Won $2000 from Quick Pick! 

Won $20,000++ Streak!!
Strike 4D Private Won $7000+ Congrats!!

Super win streak won $20k++! Congrats Bro!
Strike $3250! Huat!! Private TOTO. Congrats!

Strike $3000 Direct third prize! HUAT!!
Starter strike $250, Congrats!

Second Prize Strike iBet. Congrats!
Strike starter $2500++ Direct! Huat!

Huat! First Prize Strike iBet. Congrats brother!
2x Second Prize but iBet! Huat lah!

First Prize Won iBet! Congrats buddy!
Another first prize iBet!!

Huat! Strike $4500, Congrats Buddy!
Huat Strike $250! Congrats!

Second Prize iBet Won, Congrats!
Invest $5 Win $463 Soccer Betting. Not bad! Huat!!

Awesome Win Streak 4D + Soccer Betting. Won $2k++
Huat!! Strike $2500 $10 big Starter Direct

Strike Starter Won $2500 Huat!!
Second Prize Strike $1000 Huat!!

Huat! First Prize Won $2000! Congrats!
Huat! First Prize Won $2000! Congrats!

Third Prize!! Congrats Brother
Huat! Strike 2nd Prize, Congrats!

Third Prize Direct Won $6000, Congrats!
Strike $2500 third Prize! Congrats

Third Prize $1500 Strike! Congrats
Won nearly $5000 win streal! Soccer + 4D. Huat!!