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Monday, April 19, 2021

Hardcore Wealth Takrut 5 Legendary Mustika Pearls / 5 Wealth Blessings (Wu Tu) Known as 5 Poisons - Extremely Powerful Believed to bestow blessings in all aspect.

Hardcore Wealth Takrut 5 Legendary Mustika Pearls / 5 Wealth Blessings (Wu Tu) Known as 5 Poisons 

Extremely Powerful Believed to bestow blessings in all aspects.


By now most people in the spiritual community have known about Geliga Lipan and various Mustika Pearls. Many of my customers also had great experience with my pearls, especially Centipede Pearls, which are lready shown / known to be highly effective for Wealth & Luck Fetching, Attracting Unexpected Windfall & Attraction.


This takrut is unique and powerful in a sense that it consists of 5 different types of Mustika Pearls. These 5 Mystic Pearls combined are without a doubt believed to be the MOST POWERFUL Pearls in the Indonesian shamanic community. Some are very rare, some are hard to obtain. 


In Taoist Occult, This is simply known as the 5 Poisons or "Wu Tu" , believed to be extremely powerful when creating charms, talismans and consecrating of warrior effigies. 


The 5 Mystic Pearls are :

1. Geliga Lipan Bara (Fiery Red Centipede Pearl)

2. Geliga Ibu Ular (Cobra Pearl)

3. Geliga Semut Bara (Fire Ant Pearl)

4. Geliga Pelanduk (Hornet Pearl)

5. Geliga Kala Jengking (Scorpion Pearl)


Significance : The 5 Pearls signifies 5 Poisonous Creatures which also symbolizes the 5 Types of Power / Blessings. In Taoist Practice, "Wu Tu" 5 Poisonous Live Creatures are often used to create charms. During olden days, "Wu Tu" is often placed inside effigies / statue of Gods or Deities as it not only signifies supreme life force and soul but also the 5 Different Blessings from 5 Directions. Charms that contains Wu Tu is believed to be highly effective and powerful, known to deliver fast effects.

Similarly, the same can be incorporated with Mustika Pearls. Each Pearls have its own unique qualities and beliefs. When placed 5 together, they are the most powerful combo.

Video above demonstrating the strong energies of all the 5 pearls combined as demonstrated by my guru during empowerment. The 5 pearls were wrapped inside a special white paper talisman (with mantras written) and chanted. As you can see in the video, it caught fire. This is known as Ilmu Banaspati in Indonesia where dukuns would cultivate their energy onto an object and when it gets too strong, it catches fire.

The properties that each Pearls/stones is believed to bestow its owner as follows.. 1) Geliga Lipan Bara Believed to bestow extreme luck, wealth, fortune, unexpected windfall, sixth sense, increase intuition, and protection. Amazing Testimonials can be seen for my Geliga Lipan in the link below 2) Cobra Pearl (Geliga Ular) Believed to bestow its owner with immense luck, wealth fetching, luck with business & sales, power of authority, spiritual awakening, protection & many more.. 3) Hornet Pearl Believed to bestow it’s wearer with strong protection against negative energies, black magic, evil eyes, “Xiao Ren” and believed to bestow great authority and command respect from people around 4) Geliga Kala Jengking (Scorpion Pearl) Believed to bestow it’s wearer with immense wealth luck, strong charisma, authority, benefactors luck (Kui Ren) , be admired and easily get help from people around, business / sales luck and career progression 5) Geliga Semut (Ant Pearl) Believed to bestow strong luck with trading, investments, sales, benefactor luck, attract unexpected windfall and it is also said that when you are in trouble, people will come and help you out of no where. Many more. Along with the 5 Pearls, various type of Charm & Attraction ingredients were added as well which are believed to bestow it’s wearer with Attraction & Charm, apart from just luck. - Buluh Perindu Love Root believed for strong attraction, magnetism and charisma. - Akar Cenuai Emas (King of Charm Root) believed for Strong Charm, Love Attraction - Mani Gajah Fossil - Believed to bestow dominance (alpha male) , authority, respect and strong sexual attraction - Small drop of Air Mata Duyong Magical Mermaid Tears believed to bring mesmerising charm and affection. As advised by my Dukun, this is something very unique but it’s not the first time as each of the pearls alone are rather difficult to source. Each and every Pearls have already been blessed “isi” the same way all my items are blessed. Each Pearls comes with their own Guardian / Natural Khodam Inside. As my Minyak Pengasih (Attraction Oil) contains many rare and powerful charm ingredients, this takrut made from various Mustika Pearls is similar. This combination of mystic pearls is without any doubt more powerful than any other Pearls / Mustika according to Indonesian Beliefs. This Takrut is believed to bestow all Manners of Magical and Spiritual qualities to the Wearer. Other ingredients used include, Holy and Auspicious Herbs, Powders and Roots, Each are powerful in its own unique sense. This Takrut is suitable for anyone without any restrictions at all. Regardless of Ba Zi , Religion etc. In fact, This takrut is known to be beneficial for people who lack certain elements as it consists of all 5 elements. Just by wearing this takrut, it is strongly believed to bestow it’s wearer with.. - Fulfillment of All Manners of desires, achieve goals faster, climb up higher in life more quickly - Ensure Smooth Sailing in Life, Career and Social Climbing up the Corporate Ladder - Protected from Evil Eyes, Xiaoren and Those who are Jealous of you by removing the negative thoughts and actions of this people and rebounding it back to them - Remove Obstacles and Problems in Life, Change your Aura and Auric Field to a Strong, Determined and Confident Many Customers reported that they felt more confident, aggressive and had more enthusiasm for life and to face their challenges and easily overcame them after inviting some of my Pearls. Besides just the many windfall testimonials I get. Very Rare. Not always will have. *Pearl may look different from the one in the picture. As we know, not all the same mustika pearl look the same. It may vary. Most importantly the power :)