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Monday, June 7, 2021

Love Ritual - Ritual Pelet for Love Binding, Reconciliation, Locking of Heart & Soul of Two Parties


Love Ritual is one of the services that we have been providing for a long time to our clients who request it. This ritual will be done by my guru (dukun) who is based on Java. 

💕🌹Relationship "Pelet" Reconciliation Tantra believed to Salvage Relationship/ Marriage 💕 🌹

Are you having problems with your marriage or love life? Are you having quarrels or disagreements frequently with the one you love? Did you just go through a breakup? Are you having trouble connecting with that special someone you've always loved? Would you like your partner to remain loyal and faithful to you? Would you like to salvage your relationship? Is there a third-party involvement in your relationship?
Tantric Pelet reconciliation Tantra is believed to strongly secure your failing relationship. The 🌟Love Binding "Pelet" Tantra ❤️provided is believed to possibly enchant the heart of the one you love for a long-lasting and happy relationship. This Tantra is also believed to be able to call back an ex-lover. After much consideration and after getting permission from my Dukun, we are offering this for those who are facing Relationship / Marriage Problems, Break Ups etc. Reconciliation Tantra , also known as "Pelet Gambar" or "Pelet Jarak Jauh" (Remote Attraction) is a old, traditional and well known tantra among shamanic communities. However, Indonesian / Javanese ones are believed to be very powerful in the world. provided if its done by a highly knowledgeable Dukun. There is no questions about the knowledge and capability of our Guru as many can already see our tons of positive reviews for the oil, wealth items etc that my Guru had blessed/made. - This Reconciliation Tantra is known to strong bind your failing relationship - One of my Guru's specialty is to help estranged couples and broken relationships. This was only done for those who have personally requested for it previously. - This Tantra is believed to call back a loved one

NOTE - No "Repeat Payment" or "Additional Payment" later on like others. One time Mahar, The rest is Ikhlas. - Won't ask you to chant long tedious mantras 108 times for 108 days like others knowing it's impossible. You don't have to do anything at all. - My Guru will guide you along the way and advice on certain things. He will also help you to SCAN the other party. - Does not require you to do anything. - Any additional help needed, we will help. Based on experience, it is very important to recognize who you are engaged to perform such services as there are many who do not do it and will keep asking for more and more. This is for those who are truly serious and genuine. How fast / How Long varies according to the individual depending on their character, mental and spiritual strength. Success is encouraged if one is sincere and truly genuine with his or her intentions. Mahar is set based on the time and effort required to work on it. No additional no matter what.

Thursday, December 8, 2022

Monday, January 23, 2023

Takrut Datok Panglima Harimau (Wealth&Protection)

POWERFUL Datuk Panglima Harimau Takrut Tambang Lereng - ONE OF A KIND : Known for Wealth Fetching, Protection, Windfall luck, Authority - Azimat TAKRUT amulet Pusaka Natuk Kong : #dukun #pusaka khodam #kejawen amulet takrut mustika





Tambang Lereng Hikma Datok Panglima Harimau


Takrut Datok Kong

Known for Wish Granting, Wealth Fetching, Increasing Fortune (Rezeki), Protection, Windfall Luck & Many More.

More Information

Datok Kong/Natuk Kong, also known as Earth Spirit or Dewa Bhumi refers to a local guardian spirit in Asian Folkore. Datok Worship is very common in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. In Indonesia, they are referred to as Datuk Panglima. Panglima Means “Commander”. They are known to bless their worshippers with Wealth, Good Health, Good Fortune, Protection

This special Tambang Lereng Takrut is made and empowered by our Dukun with the image of Datok Panglima Harimau (3rd Datuk) and also the most powerful one. He is depicted sitting on a Tiger, holding a Keris, which signifies its Islamic Origin and a Traditional Weapon meant to ward off evil, while holding onto gold ingots which signifies blessing its devotee with good fortune and wealth.

Sacred Mantras/Yantras are also inscribed around, to each have its own meaning and purpose such as for Wealth, Protection, Windfall etc. The yantra/images and Datuk were then empowered/activated/awaken by our Dukun through ritual and Tenaga Batin. Special rituals and elaborate offerings are required to invite the spirit of Datok Panglima to come and energise and empower the takruts. It has do be done on an auspicious day and fasting/cleansing is required.

The takrut itself contains many holy items such as Soils from 7 Different Holy Land (to pay tribute to Datok, the Earth Guardian), Soil from 7 Makan/Keramat or Holy Shrines, Various Sacred & Holy Herbs, 7 Type of Dried Flowers, Betel Nuts + Leaves, Cigar ashes from 7 Datok Kong Shrines (used as offerings), kemenyan from 7 Datok Kong Shrine and 7 Types of Holy Wood Shavings (Teras Bertam, Raja Kayu, Teras Kelor, Teras Gemungal, Kayu Malam, Kayu Menang & Kemuning Hitam)

We also added a piece of our King Centipede Pearl/Mustika Lipan known for Strong Wealth Fetching & Luck, to further amplify its properties. No further explanations needed for our Centipede Pearls, simply check out our testimonials in the link below.

In Datuk Kong culture, there are 9 type of Datuk that works like a hierarchy who are the Commander (Panglima) of each directions/locations (North, South, East, West etc)

1) Datuk Panglima Ali (Ali)

2) Datuk Panglima Hitam (Black)

3) Datuk Panglima Harimau (Tiger) **THIS TAKRUT**

4. Datuk Panglima Hijau (Green)

5. Datuk Panglima Putih (White)

6. Datuk Panglima Kuning (Yellow)

7. Datuk Panglima Bisu (Mute)

8. Datuk Panglima Merah (Red)

9. Datuk Panglima Bongsu (Youngest)

Datok Panglima Harimau is said to be the fiercest, most powerful but at the same time, the kindest among all who is known to often fulfill his devotees wishes without hesitation. When mediums invite Datok Panglima Harimau, many would often be scared due to his aggressive and fierce nature. He would often scold devotees for their wrong-doing, but help them at the same time. It is is believed that he is the one who can cure black magic, chase away evil spirits he is known to give accurate lucky number or bless the devotee with wealth in terms of their business and career to be successful.  

Properties it is believed for..

1) This takrut is known to Increase one’s Luck, Wealth Fetching, Increasing Fortune (Rezeki) and help with Business, Commerce, Sales, Attracting Customers and bring Immense Luck to its wearer.

2) This Takrut is also believed to protect its owner from physical danger, avoiding trouble/accidents, Protect against “Xiao Ren” and Small People

3) This Takrut is known to protect the wearer from all kind of Negative Energies, Black Magic, Evil Spirits, Evil Eyes, Jealousy etc.

4) If one has fate/affinity with the Takrut, Receiving Unexpected Windfall is a huge possibility as well but factors includes the wearer’s Karma/Merits do plays a part too. It could come through dream or intuition

5) One could also request for help or ask for wishes from the Takrut but offerings are required for this and If you make a promise, you are required to fulfil once your wish is granted.

6) You may also request for it to be not rolled in takrut, just the Yantra alone and it can be kept and worshiped at home or in shop/office. Placing it in a place of business is believed to increase the owner's rezeki, income flow, attract customers etc and placing at home is known to protect the house and all occupant from negative energies, spirits and black magic etc at the same time, promote harmony, happiness and prosperity.

Datok Panglima Harimau is said to be the guardian of all worldly treasures and gold, hence his images/statues are often depicted as sitting on Gold Ingots and giving them which signifies sharing with his devotees. Datok Panglima Harimau is also known to protect the wearer’s WEALTH and FORTUNE, protect it from Competitors. Jealous people and envious people who wish to take it away from you. Your Wealth can also represent your career, position, business and assets. Hence why Businessman loves to pray to Datok Harimau, some even keep a statue of him in their shop. At the same time, this takrut is also believed to bestow great wealth to the wearer, luck, fortune. It is known to attract wealth from 8 directions. It may come through Unexpected Windfall, Investments, Business, Opportunities and Good People. This takrut is known to protect the wearer from XIAO REN/JEALOUS small people who wish to do harm to their career and business.

This takrut is also believed to serve as a guardian to its owner, which may guide the owner to make correct decisions and open new roads to good opportunities and help/protect the wearer along the way if one is sincere enough. Imagine a grandfatherly figure (from a spiritual realm) being your guardian and protector.

There are no restrictions for wearing this takrut

- One should keep with respect

- One should not perform sexual activity while wearing it

- Eating Pork is fine, no restriction on that

- One should always perform good deeds/donation/charity in order to gain more blessings from Datok Panglima

THIS HAS NO PANTANG. Unlike STATUE/IDOLS that has many restrictions, this is simply a Tambang Lereng azimat with the ESSENCE and Energy Batin of the Natuk Panglima Harimau. Although it is said that wherever it is kept, one can call the Datok or he would visit the property occasionally to ensure that his devotees is ok.

More info on Datok Panglima Harimau

Unlike other Datok Panglima, Datuk Harimau loves Black Coffee, Mutton, Raw Meat (for his tiger guardian) and Betel Nuts + Leaves. You dont have to do any offering for this Takrut, but if you want its better. Unlike other Datoks who are more calm, but extremely strict with religion, Datuk Panglima is more flexible and does not have any restrictions as long one’s heart is clean and sincere. Hence the reason why he is always worshipped by Chinese businessman, bandits and people in Malaysia and Indonesia.

A common misconception held by most Malaysians is that the Datuk Gong is just another regular Chinese deity. In fact, most Datuks are Malay-Muslim spirits. There are also Chinese, Indian, Siamese and even Orang Asli Datuks present and they are all considered independent from the Chinese pantheon of gods. The function and position of the Datuk varies across communities but his position as the spirit of the land remains the backbone of the belief. In most Chinese temples, the Datuk is almost always outside of the main building, either on a small altar of his own or a small shrine on the ground. Only in temples dedicated solely to the spirit will the idol or tablet be placed at the main altar.


Monday, June 7, 2021

Minyak Pengasih Panglima *Powerful Dayak Attraction Oil* High Level : Special Batch of Minyak Ghoib Believed to Bestow all Properties in terms of Attraction, Authority, Dominance, Protection, Spiritual Cleansing & Many More.

 Minyak Pengasih Panglima *Powerful Dayak Attraction Oil* High Level : Special Batch of Minyak Ghoib Believed to Bestow all Properties in terms of Attraction, Authority, Dominance, Protection, Spiritual Cleansing & Many More.

Introducing a very special Minyak Pengasih that is made and strongly empowered using the ancient "Dayak" method from East Java. Those who are spiritual and into occult will know that Dayak Shaman has a reputation of creating some of the most powerful charms especially for love and often Dukuns would seek their help to create spiritual items. This oil is made using a combination of some of the most powerful occult ingredients that my Guru has obtained through his source directly from the Dayak tribe. These ingredients have already been ritualized by the Dayaks and my Guru creates this oil following his own empowerment method as well. This oil could be used in various ways not only in terms of love and courtship but it can also be used for business and social purposes. It is highly recommended to apply this oil daily as it will settle into your aura and naturally boost your personal magnetism energies (aura pemikat) This oil is ideal for wearing when you go to work, socialize, attending meetings, doing sales, a romantic date,s or for business purposes. This oil is believed to be consecrated for the purpose of attracting wealth, money, unexpected windfall, and business success. One of the main ingredient this oil is Dayak Empowered Bamboo Perindu and its oil extract. In the Kalimantan Jungles there is a species of Bamboo tree known as Bamboo Perindu. Its root is known to have high elemental energies associated with the power of attraction, magnetism and fascination. The Dayak Tribes of Kalimantan use this rare magical oil from the tree to create powerful love charms for attracting the opposite sex. It is believed to help waken sexual desires towards you in a natural way and those who affected by the oil is said to find you sexually appealing and attractive. It is believed that if a person stay close to the user of this oil long enough, they will always feel like want to be with the user all the time. Applying this oil daily is also believed to perceive healing powers, increase spiritual strength, enlighten and greatly boost one's well-being spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. This oil can also be applied prior or during business negotiations, important meetings or when making sales proposals. Alternatively, it could also be applied onto cash registers or safe boxes to attract money as this oil is believed to draw wealth from all directions, sources, improves luck and help manifest one's financial goals and desires. If one's intention is to use this oil for Money Attraction, these are the following properties it is believed for. • Attracts new customers and increases sales to business owners • Attracts wealth and prosperity to all • Stabilises ones financial future • Guarantees successful business negotiations • Increases sources of operating capital for your business • Helps to secure loans or other sources of financing • Helps with removing debts many more.. For those who wishes to use this oil for Attraction and Love, these are the following properties it is believed for.. - This oil is believed to attract and draw upon the attention of the opposite sex or it may also be directed to any specific person the user desires simply by touching the oil onto the target. - This oil is believed to help the user in the intiial stage of a relationship eg. dating and courtship. Likewise, the oil is also said to help one stabilise their relationship or marriage. - This oil can also be directed to one's compation to preven adulterous affairs and stabilize harmony within the relationship. if your spouse is cheating, he or she has the potential of returning back to you, without disagreement. One of the powers of this oil is known as Ilmu Maha Tembus, an adebt magical art of Pengasih that when incorporated into an oil through ritual could make the oil very powerful. Hence applying this oil is believed to increase the user's sex appeal profoundly, making the user extremely desirable to the opposite sex as well as help soften the heart of one who may have rebuked you or subdue a stubborn person. Another great property of this oil is known as Ilmu Penunduk, when incorporated into the oil through ritual, believed to bestow its user with great power of authority, dominance, and powerful aura that automatically demands respect from others and feared by enemies. More could be said about this oil but it is encouraging that you should try and experience it yourself. If our product does not do as what it is described, we will not have nearly 1k positive reviews with many returning customers and long time supporters.

Monday, January 23, 2023

Indra Mahayakshini Karya Siddhi King Attraction & Luck Enchantment Oil


‼️Dear Brothers & Sisters. Introducing a very power Attraction Oil that is known to not only be extremely Love Charm, but for Wealth & Luck Attraction as well. 

Many have requested a special all rounder oil that is known to help with Love & Magnetism but at the same time could be beneficial for career, business, sales and wealth luck in general at the same time. This is by far one of our most best selling oil with plenty of positive reviews. 

 Introducing to you, the Indra MahaYakshini Karya Siddhi King Attraction and Luck Oil combined with our already powerful and proven with tons of testimonials Minyak Bulu Perindu, Minyak Raja Cenuai and Apel Jin Wealth Attraction Oil. 

❤️Here are some amazing testimonials from my customers who have tried my Minyak Pengasih and have seen great improvements in their relationships, career and love life. ❤️



 Many have requested a Minyak Pengasih that is not only known to work for Attraction, but also believed to Attract Wealth & Luck as well. This is highly recommended especially for those who are using it mainly for career :) 

*Our Best Attraction Oil + Our Best Wealth Oil Combined into one bottle* 



The best part is, you don't even need to apply it. Just by carrying this bottle, one will be able to reap the benefits it is known to bring. 

The ingredients and smell of the oil itself is already mesmerizing and powerful enough that we can safely guarantee that you can never find the oil in any oil shop as this oil is made using a special blend of various herbs and magical oils. 



This oil is made using a combination of 42 different sacred herbs and flowers that were mixed and infused in a special oil (made from 108 sacred herbs extract) that has been empowered by our Guru (Dukun) for more than 71 days at 3 different nature locations. 

Other combination also includes Air Mata Putri Duyong, Mani Gajah, Akar Cenuai Added with Male & Female Bulu Perindu and many other powerful Wealth Ingredients that we will list individually below! 

Please take note of charlatans who loves copying our information/product/title. We are the first to introduce this very special oil and not creating this oil is very complicated as it incorporates special mantras that we will teach our customers when dealing. 

 It’s believed just by Carrying this Bottle Alone One could be able to reap the benefits of Its Magic without having to actually apply it. Why is this so? This is Because of the Special Maha Yakshinyei Mantra that’s given to Customers which may be used and chanted while holding this Bottle. In this regard, this Maha Yaskshinyei can be considered akin to an Amulet. It may however be also used in traditional fashion and applied. 

The ritualistic knowledge of creating this Love Attraction (Vashikaran) & Wealth Fetching Oil has only been passed down from generation. 

This oil is strongly empowered to bestow the 7 Blessings, in short, they are Attraction, Popularity, Protection, Wealth Fetching, Authority, Loving Kindness, and Prosperity. Just like the Rainbow has 7 Colour Tones, The oil, also Known as Lord Indra’s Bow has 7 Magical Attributes. Spiritually it is believed that this oil has 7 effects or Aspects to its magic. 

Here is also a special method believed to help Remotely / Telepathically attract the desired person through the recitation of a mantra using a Photograph (will be taught upon purchase). 

However, It is known to bestows great wealth, happiness and prosperity as well when applied daily. 


This oil is strongly empowered to bestow the 7 blessings, in short they are Attraction, Protection, Wealth, Authority, Loving Kindness and Prosperity 

Magical virtues that this oil is believed to bestow upon its user..

Amazingly powerful enchanting Presence.

• Strong Attraction towards the Opposite Sex

• Increase your Charm, Magnetism & Attractiveness

• Create a lasting unforgettable experience in the minds of those who you interact with and make your targeted person miss your presence.

• Possess a high level of charming aura

• Remote Attraction through chanting mantra

• Able to be well liked and admired by everyone easily

• Gain high level of popularity & fame

• Easily gain favours and sympathy from others

• Loving Kindness & Sweet Talking

• Able to influence others through sympathy and making their heart soft towards you

• Make others listen to you and do as you say

• Winning in any Negotiations

• Able to attract customers / clients and easily close deals

• Possess a strong sense of self confident and high in self esteem

• Be Able to achieve higher social standing and recognition

Also believed to Help with Problems like,

• Your boyfriend/Girlfriend is not interested in you anymore.

• Your life partner’ behavior has changed or he/she is in an extramarital affair.

• You are upset with the behavior of your in- Laws as they keep finding faults with you.

• Your Parents disagree with your marriage choice (Fiance/Fiancee)

• Your boss or staff is not helping you or you are not happy with your office environment.

• Your close friend has grown apart from you.

• Your enemy is creating problems for you.

• Astrological remedies are not working for you.

• You want to develop an attractive and charming personality.

• Want to Stop divorce and situation of divorce.

Many more.

. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 

Other ingredients also includes

1) Lucky Hand Root - Known for attracting Luck and Success in all endeavours. This rare herb has a reputation within magical tradition to bring immense luck to the wearer and can be used for attracting windfall, winnings as well.

2) Strawberry Leafs - Known for attracting Good Fortune & Favourable outcome in anything you do

3) Master Root - Shaman call this root “Raja Akar Asli”. It is believed to give the wearer protective power against bad energies, bad influences, evil eyes and jealousy. It is also said to draw the power of luck and promote success in everything you do

4) Green Aventurine - Also known as the Herb of Opportunity. Scientifically, this herb helps reduce stress, anxiety, reinforce decisiveness and confidence. This herb is known to be the luckiest of all herb as it helps menifest winnings in game of chance and windfall

 There are many more ingredients that are too long to name, but out products are without any questions as our reviews speaks for themself :)

5) Wahn Sao Long Herbs/Oil - Known to possess very strong pheromone properties (sexual hormone) for strong magnetism and sexual attraction towards opposite gender.

6) Mani Gajah Elephant Mating Oil = Extremely Powerful Magnetism Energy, Strong Natural Pheromone (Known to Trigger Sex Hormone upon others), Bestow strong aura of dominance and charm

There are many more ingredients that are deemed secret to create this oil which I am not allowed to share.

This oil is known to greatly benefit with progress in career, blessings of abundance, social climbing, professional advancement, increase status and gives you the ability to gain compassion and loving kindness by everyone you interact with.

- When carried around, it is believed to work as a powerful wealth attraction charm, just like an amulet or takrut. It is known to help attract unexpected wealth, make good opportunities materialize and success in any ventures, ensuring profit and no loss.

- The oil may also be used for applying on your lucky money note and be kept in the wallet to attract more wealth. It also can be applied on gold jewelry or anything that is valuable to prevent “evil eyes” and the bad luck that can be caused by envious people. With the blessings of Mata Lakshmi, it is known that the user will also get more in return..

- When doing sales, it is believed to help attract more customers. In a working environment, it is known to help the user be favored and recognized by superiors - giving more chances with promotions, salary increments etc

- Believed to attract good luck, wealth & fortune from all directions. Generating more income and opening doors to new opportunities to increase financial gain

- This oil is also believed to help the wearer always meet people who will help him/her progress, offer a helping hand in times of need, and also prevent backstabbers (xiaoren). The user is also believed to be able to gain favor and help from others easily.

More can be said about this one, but the only way to find out how good it is, you need to try it yourself


 💯Our Reviews and Testimonials SCREAMS “POWERFUL” , “JALAN” , “EFFECTIVENESS”, hence there will always be copy-cat attempts from famous scammers.💯

**❗️BEWARE** of self-proclaimed guru and fake spiritual shop who copy our information and selling their fake Attraction oils at a very high price. We operate online, therefore we can afford to sell at a reasonable price :) More often than not, those fake spiritual gurus selling their own self-proclaim Minyak Pengasih often degrade other sellers as they are desperate nobody buys from them after getting exposed countless times for selling fake products. With high overheads and no customers, they are desperate to sell at a high price today and make up to 70% discount the next day. The same fake master who has been exposed countless times for cheating customers and selling cheap $2-$3 stones purchased from Lazada/Shoppee, claiming it has Khodam and selling for $800 above. When you pay a lot of money on such a fake spiritual master, you are actually paying for their storytelling and advertisement fee, not the quality of the item. If in doubt, please contact us :)

If you are interested to read more on how to differentiate a real authentic minyak pengasih vs fake, check the link below.

Note that my guru uses the best and most powerful ingredients and most importantly, he is a real DUKUN unlike those “pretending” to be a guru. Our testimonials and feedback speak for themselves.


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