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Thursday, July 8, 2021

What Determines the Authenticity of Minyak Pengasih (Attraction Oils)

Determining The Power & Authenticity of Minyak Pengasih (Attraction Oils)

Minyak Pengasih, also known as Attraction Oil is a magical charm that comes in a form of an Oil, popular in SEA having roots in Shamanism in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. The purpose of Minyak Pengasih is to increase one's attractiveness, sex appeal and assist with interpersonal relationships. Some use it as a mean to excel in their career or business while some use it to gain attention from the opposite sex, courtship, and improve their love life. During the olden days, obtaining Minyak Pengasih is not as simple as searching online. One has to know a Dukun or Shaman, usually through words of mouth to acquire it. In today's modern technology, spiritual items are now sold online. However, do people know what makes a Minyak Pengasih authentic and/or effective? How do we differentiate between real vs fake. In this blog, I will share the basic knowledge, so that buyers do not get ripped off and experience placebo effects instead of real Minyak Pengasih Magic. Anyone can simply produce a bottle of roll-on "attar" perfume claiming it is blessed as a Minyak Pengasih. Anyone can also add herbs or "magical" ingredients inside the oil and claim it has magical powers. How do you know whether it is authentic? Read more to find out..

The Authenticity of Minyak Pengasih is mainly determined by.. 

Ingredients - First of all, the ingredients must be authentic. Depending on the culture, shamans would source rare ingredients or materials that are known to have magical properties for attraction and magnetism. Bulu Perindu or Love Root of Longing is one example. However, even the way the ingredients are obtained plays a big part. Bulu Perindu for example, cannot be obtained (plucked out) by hand otherwise it will be powerless. It has to be obtained with the help of an animal. Other types of ingredients require special rituals and offerings to obtain otherwise it will have no energy. Type of Oil - There are many who advertise Minyak Pengasih that are just ordinary "Attar Oil" (Non-alcohol perfume) that cost less than $5 from Arab St but claimed to have magical powers. Real Minyak Pengasih uses oil extracts from special herbs, plants, and flowers that are known for their magical properties, which are then mixed with either Kasturi, Saffron, or other special oils as a base. The power of the Minyak Pengasih greatly depends on the type of oil extract that was used. The Maker - Importantly, the person who makes the oil and the level of spiritual knowledge/cultivation he or she has. I always tell my customers. Anyone can simply create their own Minyak Pengasih and sell. But it is not the REAL Authentic Minyak Pengasih. An Authentic Minyak Pengasih has to be done by a real Shaman/Dukun/Bomoh who has occult knowledge or "Ilmu" to begin with and not by a charlatan who thinks he has magical powers. The empowerment of Minyak Pengasih involve the recitation of Mantras, DOAs, and Surahs to energize the oil with the necessary power so that it works accordingly. That being said, anyone can chant their own mantras but whether the energies are properly transferred and infused into the oil depends on the maker's spiritual cultivation. There are many cases where Attraction Oils are not empowered properly / mantras not recited correctly and rituals not done according to the proper steps, the person who uses the oil experienced an averse effect / backfired. There are many charlatans who claim to be spiritual masters/Aghori/bomoh/arjan and create their own Minyak Pengasih, only to have no benefit to its user because they do not have the proper knowledge and "ilmu" required to make it. Authentic Ingredients don't mean effective/powerful. Some ingredients are easy to source and they are very cheap. There are people who would source such ingredients and add them into an oil bottle, claiming to be Minyak Pengasih. However, it will not work as a Minyak Pengasih because it is not made/empowered by a real shaman. Then again, anyone can claim to have a shaman or dukun making it for them :) at the end of the day, it's up to the buyer's instinct to decide.

About OUR Minyak Pengasih (Attraction Oils)
- All the ingredients used to create our Minyak Pengasih are 100% Authentic. The quality of our ingredients is strictly maintained at its highest. We do not cut costs on the quality of the ingredients. They are properly obtained according to traditional method with proper rituals. Each and every ingredient goes through its own empowerment (pengisian) ritual.  

- All our Minyak Pengasih are created using a special blend of Oil that is extracted from rare herbs and flowers that are widely believed to be very potent and possess very strong natural Attraction & Magnetism properties. The herbs / Oils are then soaked into the Oil extracted, mixed with scented oil such as Saffron / Pure Kasturi or Misik and strongly empowered daily. Why must it be mixed with scented oil? As its purest form, it does not have a fragrant smell.   

- All our Minyak Pengasih are made and empowered by a real Dukun who are adept in Islamic/Javanese Occult. There are no questions about it as our reviews and testimonials on the Effectiveness of our Minyak Pengasih can be seen openly. Occasionally, we also share videos of our Dukun performing "Power Test" on his product. Take a look at the video below as an example for our Minyak Pengasih. 

- As we only work with one Dukun and our Dukun only work with us for many years, all our Minyak Pengasih are made unique for us only. Although there are many Minyak Pengasih Bulu Perindu sellers, no two Minyak Pengasih are the same as they are made by a different person. The efficacy of our Minyak Pengasih cannot be compared with others as we only sell our own kind. - Our Minyak Pengasih is known as Minyak Pengasih Maharaj because it consists of not one but more than 7 powerful ingredients combined along with many ritual components added inside such as Azimat, Takrut etc that were made by our master to amplify its Attraction Properties. - Our oils are 100% natural. We do not believe in using "Yin" materials - Our oils are suitable for anyone regardless of beliefs. - There is no precaution/backfire in using our Minyak Pengasih. However, we strongly advise that one should not use it for any ill intentions.