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Friday, September 27, 2019

Rajah Pengasih Akar Cenuai Gunong Ledang

Minyak Rajah Pengasih Cenuai - King of Attraction Oil
The name King of Attraction refers to what people call Akar Cenuai. It is popularly known by many different names. In Thailand, it is known as Wahn Sao Long AKA Herb that Intimate Ladies.

Last release was a year ago and was sold off within 3 days. It was never listed ever since because it took many months for my master to actually source the ingredient. The wait was worth it because he even manage to get a very rare and powerful type of Cenuai from Gunong Ledang (Black Cenuai). One of the way to test its authenticity is when holding on the Cenuai, it feels like freezing cold on the hand. I will bring a sample for my customers to test first before purchase. As there are many fake Cenuai oil, using normal common root that has no spiritual significant but claiming to be Cenuai. Secondly, there’s also Cenuai Emas in the bottle with added Raja Kijang Yantra with mantras for Pelet , Love Binding and Pengasih. For those who dont know about this Oil, kindly read the information below. Akar Cenuai or Ceduai root is known to be by far the most powerful attraction ingredient used to make enchantment oil that can make anyone fall madly in love with the wearer. The most powerful Cenuai is from Gunong Ledang, in this bottle itself. Similar to Bulu Perindu, the Cenuai can only be found in the deep jungles and mountains. However, Cenuai Gunong Ledang can only be found deep underground and it’s believed to be of the bunian realm. It’s raw ingredient will feel extremely cold, that’s because the energy of pengasih is very overwhelming. The Cenuai root has been used throughout centuries by shaman or bomoh to create potent love spells because the root is believed to bring immense charm, loving kindness and strong attractiveness for the user. it can be used to not only attract love but also to improve existing relationship and love life. This oil can also be used for many different purposes - To increase charm and charisma. One of the main quality of Cenuai is that it helps the user attract the opposite gender with its strong magnetism and ability to enchant the heart of someone who the user is trying to attract. Its as simple as applying the oil on the eye brow and just be face to face with the desired person for it to work. Even without applying the oil and just simply carry it, the user will still possess such immense charm that could trigger the feeling of fondness to anyone the user come across as well as create Long lasting mesmerising impression towards anyone you interact with. - Cenuai is also believed to help with intimacy, improving the user’s sex appeal and magnetism as well as to make the other party feel more sexually attracted and aroused by the user. Note that one should not abuse this ability as the law of karma is inevitable. - To gain loving kindness, sympathy and compassion from others easily. This term is known as "Pemanis" in Malay. Meaning the wearer will always be treated with compassion from everyone. The user will possess a strong charm that could easily melt the heart of others, making it very easy for the user to ask for favors or to avoid any form of conflict with others. This is also very beneficial for career progression, social climbing, doing sales and business. - The wearer is believed to be able to win the heart of someone they love. This is the most well known quality of Cenuai. . According to many shamans in the old days, this is voted to be One if the most powerful attraction charm among the wide range of charms that the bomoh can offer but extremely rare and hard to come by. This oil is suitable for both men and woman. *** Please beware of Fake Versions of this Oil being sold online claiming to be Cenuai but using only normal root. I will bring a simple of my Cenuai for people to hold and feel it’s freezing aura. That’s the only way to test***