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Thursday, August 5, 2021

Arjahn Ruang


We are the one and only authorized dealer for all AJ Ruang Amulets. 

Short Bio : AJ Ruang (Chanruang Tongdee) is a well renowned Kalawat (White Robe Master) located in Bangkok. Unlike many other well-known Thai Ajarns in the Amulet Community that strive publicity, AJ Ruang is very low profile and does not chase after fame or money. But do not be mistaken, When I say publicity, I meant trying to be famous in the Amulet market in Asia. In Bangkok alone, AJ Ruang is a highly respected and popular master within his own community and have a large number of followers and disciples.

AJ Ruang is well-known for his extraordinary Sakyant Tattoo skills and the Wicca he possess to empower them. AJ Ruang has studied Wicca from many renowned Gurus and Monk for more than 30 years and AJ Ruang himself specializes in the Wicca of Lersi Sermingpai, Lersi Petchalukang, Phra Ngan, Asura, Khun Paen and many more. Ironically, most of AJ Ruang's disciples and followers are hardcore gangsters and bandits. During one of the Waikru that we visited, we spoke to a few of his followers who are extremely humble and polite despite looking like a mafia, we asked the same question. According to many of his followers, the reason why AJ Ruang is popular among bandits is because his Sakyant Maha UT and Kongkrapan which means Great Protection & Invincibility from sharp weapons is so powerful that one devotee claim that someone tried to shoot him with a loaded gun but he gun would not fire. AJ Ruang is also very popular among night-life workers, single men and woman who seek to find as partner and improve their love life because AJ Ruang is well known for making powerful Love Attraction Amulets. Businessmen alike are also fond of visiting AJ Ruang due to his wealth blessings and rituals that he performs.

Back in 2013 when AJ Ruang came to Singapore hosted by a shop, the entire amulet community and forums was hyped about him. Reviews kept flooding the forums about how powerful his Playboy Takrut was and other amulets that he made from real members of the community. During that period, a Thai friend of ours have built a good relationship with AJ Ruang. Due to conflict with the shop that hosted him, AJ Ruang never returned to Singapore and his legacy dies off. However after a few years, we have managed to get in touch with AJ Ruang. When we called AJ Ruang, at first we was reluctant to speak with us as he thought we was the same "dealers" that hosted him. After clarification, AJ Ruang was surprised and was very happy to speak with us. Upon negotiation, AJ Ruang agreed to continue making amulets and takruts for us in the condition that he will only supply to us and he does not want to deal with any other Singaporean (or other) dealers not in the pretext of competition, but because AJ Ruang do not trust any other dealers. Hence, we are proud to say that WE are the only dealer for all AJ Ruang items. There are no other dealer who can sell AJ Ruang items. If there are anyone who claim to sell "playboy takrut" or anything claiming to be by AJ Ruang, they are 100% guaranteed to be FAKE.



AJ Ruang's masterpiece, the legendary Playboy Takrut that has many positive reviews flooding the forums since 2013-2015. This Takrut is extremely powerful for Maha Saneh, Attraction towards Opposite Sex, Magnetism and Love Relationship. Made using the Wicca of Phra Khun Paen, the legendary warlock with hundreds of wives and maidens. The wicca used for creating this amulet is strictly kept secret. One well known story about this takrut is about a disciple of AJ Ruang who was fat and ugly however he would turn up at AJ Ruang's Waikru every year with a different girl that looks beautiful like a model, and AJ Ruang along with other disciples would often joke about it as he begged AJ Ruang to make for him a extremely big version of the Playboy Takrut to wear on his neck before he had a girlfriend.

MASTER BATCH version of Takrut Maha Khun Paen Playboy Takrut. ($188)

This master batch version consists of the original Yant Maha Khun Paen however what makes this so special is the takrut foil itself is wrapped with extremely powerful holy powder ingredient that consists of Wahn 108 Charming Love Herb, Phong Puttamang 108 blessing powder, Phong Ittija, Phong Saneh Ya Faed and combination of powders from old Khun Paen amulets. This version has a very nice smell and most of our customers prefer this version as the LOOKS of it is already very powerful.


Takrut of the 7 Mighty ASURA ($228) 

FIRST ORIGINAL BATCH by AJ Ruang. For those who have been following the amulet community long enough, knows that the first and original Asura Takrut was made and consecrated by AJ Ruang back in 2013, subsequently there were remakes of it. This extremely special and unique takrut is the brainchild of AJ Ruang as it contains the names of 7 Legendary & Most Powerful Asuras in Hindu and Thai mythology. Here are many legendary Asuras in Hindu & Buddhist Text who are highly respected and worshiped such as Ravana, King Banasura, Lord Veerbadhra, Phra Toksakan and many more. Despite their "title" as an asura, they are highly respected as a deity as well.

Since AJ Ruang released this takrut, there are many stories of people who got their wish granted, receiving unexpected windfalls and having their life improved tremendously. Like mentioned, the characteristic of Asuras are materialism and arrogance hence they wont hesitate to show their abilities and are known to bestow great wealth to the keeper just to show how powerful they are. Note that this takrut is 100% Authentic by AJ Ruang, the first and original maker of Asura Takrut. Beware of fake remakes and gimmicks from charlatans.

Charming Wax Love & Attraction Pendant ($138) The See Pheung or Charm Wax in the pendant is made more than 60 years ago by AJ Ruang's teachers using a combination of real Beeswax combined with oil extract from 108 different herbs and plants that are known to possess strong Attraction and Magnetism Properties, along with many other powerful ingredients such as Nam Man Chang or Mani Gajah(Elephant Mating Oil), which is known to greatly increase the wearer's sexual appeal and magnetism through pheromone like a magnet and boost the wearer's aura of dominance

Wearing this pendant alone is believed to bestow the wearer with all the Maha Saneh, Metta Maha Niyom properties required such as making the wearer become very attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex as well as to increase the wearer's sex appeal and magnetism according to AJ.

MAHA Khun Paen Playboy Casanova King Attraction Oil ($168)

Oil version of the Legendary Takrut Maha Khun Paen Playboy Takrut, Not officially released yet but full info will be coming. Alert : EXTREMELY POWERFUL for Opposite Sex Attraction and Love Binding Sexual Attraction and Sex Drive. 


Special takrut for increasing sex drive, sexual attraction and affection. Extremely powerful. According to AJ, this takrut can be worn during intimacy and the more you wear it during intimate, the more powerful it gets. 

Takrut Yant Phra Pirab (Kala Bhairava) 

A special Hand-Drawn Takrut dedicated to a very powerful deity of Hinduism & Buddhism. Takrut Maha Kala Bhairava, known as Phra Pirab in Thai. Powerful Protection Takrut. This Takrut of Phra Pirab is believed to be more powerful than any Spirit, Jinn, Khodam, Lersi etc etc as Phra Pirab is considered to be the most fierce and powerful form of Lord Shiva.

Kala Bhairava is also extremely good at removing bad luck, obstacles, negativity and evil influences from one's life. In most Hindu Temples, Kala Bhairava is worshiped for the same reason, especially for people who are going through "bad times" in their astrology as only Lord Bhairav has the power and authority to override one's bad fate or difficult period (that is destined via astrology) to change it to good or completely remove one's bad karma that they have to suffer for

Takrut YinTong Love Binding

Yintong or “In Koo” is one of the oldest form of Love Magic in Thailand. The image of Yintong depicts a man and woman embracing each other which signifies strong love binding. The magic of Yin Tong can be imbued in many forms commonly as an Amulet. Takrut like this on the other hand is known to be even more powerful than amulet simply because amulets are empowered via prayers or chanting while Takrut has actual spells (mantras) inscribed onto it followed by empowerment with prayers hence making it even more effective then usual yintong amulets. If it is worn as a love charm or carried on ones person, then it will cause everyone the wearer meets to feel friendly and compassionate towards them. The In Koo is a sacred Love and Metta Maha Sanaeh Talisman which has been used by ancient folk for thousands of years, and shows no sign of disappearing soon, for its popularity as a love charm is still as evident as it ever was.

Other items from AJ Ruang.. (Note these pictures were taken by our friend :P )