Monday, January 23, 2023


Relationship Reconciliation Love Binding Ritual by AJ James. Believed to Salvage Broken Relationships/Marriage

Many who have followed us for a very long time should know that we offer a variety of options for those who seek to perform such rituals. We have received many positive testimonials with very high success rate over the years.

This ritual is known as the Blood Worm Love Ritual. Performed by AJ James, usually at the cemetery grounds. Ajarn James is one of the most respected master in Chiang Mai who is a good friend of AJ Suea. This ritual is one of AJ James trademark ritual. It is an ancient knowledge that was passed down by his teacher, a powerful form of LANNA Wiccha (Northen Magic) that AJ james have been practicing for many years and have done so for thousands of clients all over the world.

From the 2nd picture onwards are picture collage of our actual clients who engaged his service. There are many more that we didn't post.

💕🌹Relationship "Pelet" Reconciliation Tantra believed to Salvage Relationship/ Marriage 💕 🌹

If you are having problems with your marriage or love life,

If you are having frequent quarrels or disagreements with the one you love,

Just went through a break up and have tried every means to salvage it but failed,

Or if you're simply having trouble connecting with that special someone you've always yearned for..

Then this is one of the best available option we can recommend.

People who perform such rituals since olden days often have one objective in mind. To make their partner remain faithful and loyal to you. For those who wants to salvage their broken relationship, to bind the heart and mind of someone you love towards you or for those who are facing third party involvements in the relationship

For third party involvements, Ajarn don't even need to perform any "break up" rituals. Just by doing this, many have reported that their partner who is involved with someone else, just naturally comes back to them and ditch the third party on its own. That's how good it is.

This Love Binding Ritual is believed to possibly enchant the heart and mind of someone you love to its maximum potential for a long lasting and happy relationship. This ritual is also believed to be able to call back an ex lover.

Previously we only offer such services for our clients in private. However, we have decided to offer this ritual to the public to help others achieve what they want without getting cheated or scammed.

Many Photos and Videos of the ritual being conducted FOR YOU, with YOUR pictures along with your partner will be provided to you as PROOF that your ritual is being done.

There are plenty of scammers who charges money and does nothing. Furthermore, AJ James is an actual recognize and famous master in Thailand, what can go wrong?

After much consideration and after getting permission from our Guru, we are offering this for those who are facing Relationship / Marriage Problems, Break Ups etc etc.

Thai Love Rituals have always been renowned around the world for being merciless, efficient and powerful, especially if its done by a highly knowledgeable kawalat like AJ Suea.

- This Reconciliation Tantra is known to strong bind your failing relationship

- AJ Suea main speciality and fame is helping estranged couples and broken relationships. His clients are mostly from Hong Kong and China, where they are very particular about effectiveness and reputation.

Do contact us for more details and how to go about it if you are serious.

This ritual is not to be misused simply especially towards someone you "just met". Do not do it on impulse. Take your time to consider if that person is really the right one for you before you proceed.

If you are eager to save your relationship and have tried every possible means, don't loose hope. While we do not tell our clients "GUARANTEE WILL WORK" , most importantly you get what you paid for, a real professional to do it for you and not some charlatan who PRETENDS to perform rituals. If its done by a real professional, your chances of it to succeed is high. If it is done by a charlatan, then obviously the chance is zero. If money is no object and you are serious about it, then why not? Most importantly be patient, have a firm mindset and be mentally strong. Do not expect too much and do not be too desperate otherwise it would be counter productive. We will do our best to help you.

Note : We do not ask for "Repeat payment" or "Additional Payments" like others. This is a one time payment that includes all the elaborate offerings, the master's time and effort and his helper's time to take pictures and videos for you.

You are not required to do anything apart from wait for it. We do not ask you to chant long tedious mantras like others knowing its impossible and blaming you if the ritual dont work. You totally don't have to do anything.

We will guide you along the way and advice on certain things if needed.

Based on experience, it is very important to recognize who you are engaging to perform such services as there are many who do not do it and will keep asking for more and more.

There are also those who charge super high prices for such rituals and do not actually show proof of what they had done.  Photo Proof Of  Ritual Will Always Be Shown To Our Customers.

This is for those who are truly serious and genuine.

How fast / How Long varies according to the individual depending on their character, mental/ spiritual strength /karma and destiny.  Success is encouraged if one is sincere and truly genuine with his or her intentions.

Mahar is set based on the time and effort required to work on it. No additional no matter what.

PM if keen.