Saturday, October 30, 2021

REAL vs FAKE Centipede Pearl

Genuine vs Fake Centipede Pearl  




Genuine Geliga Lipan comes in various shape and size. They are not perfectly round (sphere) and no two pearls will look exactly the same in shape and diameter. On the surface, Each Pearl is unique with its on distinct features such as bite marks, veins, dark spots (blood clot), scratch marks etc that are visible when observed closely.

#1. Centipede Pearls have strong elemental energies (Aura). Those who are spiritually sensitive when holding the pearl for the first time may be able to feel its emitting energies (ie throbbing or crawling sensation) when holding onto it. Some may also feel heat or tingling feeling that goes up their arm. #2. Genuine Centipede Pearls if taken care properly would often change in colour (become darker) and even grow noticeably bigger.

#3. A person who is spiritually developed (shaman, dukun etc) may be able to scan through the energies or elemental khodam of the pearl. FIRE TEST / BURN TEST? 
The biggest misconception about Centipede Pearl is that it can be testing by torch/fire and nothing will happen. In most cases, those so-called "fire test" videos are showing Synthetic Ruby (Pics below) instead of real Geliga Lipan, Although genuine centipede pearl can also be burnt to a certain extent, it is not advisable as it should always be respected as a holy item and burning it will only destroy the energies that it have been infused with through prayers or rituals.

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Does Centipede Pearls Glow under UV/Florescent Light?
Answer = NO 
Centipede Pearl DO NOT Glow under UV 

Centipede Pearls that glows when tested using UV light are known as Synthetic Ruby Balls. Example below

It is a proven fact that only Ruby Stones (synthetic and natural) glows under florescent light. Ruby itself comes in many different cutting (diamond cut, emerald cut etc) and those that are small, round and looks like Centipede Pearls are known as "cabochon cut". They may come in various sizes as advertised by sellers like 4mm, 5mm etc. As they are machine made, all of the pearls are perfectly round. Put two pearls side by side and they will look exactly the same. 

These are the same pearls that are often shown in "Fire/burn Test videos" 

Below example of fake "Centipede Pearl" glowing under UV, top image shows Ruby Gemstone. 

Picture example of Synthetic Ruby Ball being sold as "Geliga Lipan"Just by looking at it, there are many differences

Below are more examples of Fake Centipede Pearls Commonly Sold.

As long as it looks like glass, clear, crystal, it is FAKE.

Below are examples of glossy glass balls disguised as Centipede Pearl.